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Extend Your ERP Investments

PeopleSoft Test Framework:

ERP upgrades are normally expensive, complex and time consuming initiatives. Over the years, we have developed various methods in streamlining project implementations and upgrades with minimal disruption to our business users. We have leveraged PeopleSoft Test Framework, a framework developed and is available free for PeopleSoft customers, to create test assets, test plans and scripts and have developed routines to trigger test plans via the framework. The tool provides a value-add to your ERP implementations and can the framework can be used over-and-over again on your ongoing initiatives, thus reducing the overall testing timeframe, overall costs and more automation to the customer.

PeopleSoft Performance Monitor:

With newer PeopleTools, Oracle has provided PeopleSoft Performance Monitor free of cost to its customers. We have implemented PPM at our clients and have developed metrics around what infrastructure components are monitored. A review of the collected metrics is shared with our customers and performance improvement opportunities are identifed and a collaborative roadmap is developed for our customers.

PeopleSoft Custom Interface Framework:

Most PeopleSoft implementation have upstream and downstream applications to either consume of provide data. In an effort to streamline all inbound interfaces, Rewa Systems has created a framework where the time it takes to onboard a new interface to the application landscape is reduced drastically. We created a configurable framework where the entire integration is seamless and can be onboarded very quickly.

PeopleSoft Total Rewards Statement:

Attracting talent and Retaining employees is a pivotal challenge for many companies. We helped extend the ERP investment with most companies with PeopleSoft HCM applications by providing the employee base with a customized total rewards statement. Employees can, by a single click, can review their total compensation package and helps retain the employees with the value of the intangible benefits they enjoy for being employed. With the similar toolset, prospective employees can be attracted by providing the entire outlook of their compensation package should they chose to work with your company.

PeopleSoft Application Security Provisioning:

Application security provisioning is cubersome and capturing the approvals for access is present all over in emails and the companies helpdesk ticketing systems. Rewa Systems has created a PeopleTools based security provisioning application that will auto-provision the access based on the request initiation and securing appropriate approvals. Extensive reporting capabilites are developed to provide data to support the semi-annual or annual internal and external audits and Sox Compliance. Reach out to us for additional information on our capabilities.

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