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Traditional testing practices is a concept of the past. We have invested a lot of time in building automated test plans covering an entire application landscape and facilitate time, cost and resource optimization across your initiatives. Please check our capabilities in how we are influencing the testing cycles.

Having a dedicated team of resources, testing functionality for which application is built for, and often yielding positive results, has evolved over the years. While testing takes a vital role in the project success, this is one area where most investments value-add has more potential to achieve.

Automated Testing:

We emphasize automated testing methodologies to our customers and advise them to be as flexible as possible and adopt open source testing tools. Our offshore teams continue develop automated testing to help reduce the overall time of the testing phases yet, yeilding a thorough test cycles and robust bug tracking mechanizms.

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF):

ERP upgrades are normally expensive, complex and time consuming initiatives. Over the years, we have developed various methods in streamlining project implementations and upgrades with minimal disruption to our business users. We have leveraged PeopleSoft Test Framework, a framework developed and is available free for PeopleSoft customers, to create test assets, test plans and scripts and have developed routines to trigger test plans via the framework. The tool provides a value-add to your ERP implementations and can the framework can be used over-and-over again on your ongoing initiatives, thus reducing the overall testing timeframe, overall costs and more automation to the customer.

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